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Wooden clothes hanger for suit deluxe - with trouserbar


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Luxury wooden hangers suitable for suits and jackets incl. trouser bar. Available in sets of 3, 5 or 10 pieces. Create order in your wardrobe with these luxury suit and jacket hangers made from 100% natural beechwood. The hangers are finished with a gorgeous semi-gloss brown varnish which gives them a rich look and feel. The trouser bar itself is made of a rubber non slip material which prevents the garment from slipping off. These suit hangers are ergonomically shaped to give the best support to your suit and jacket, but could also be used for your casual outfits. The shoulders of these hangers are are extra wide. With 5.7 cm in width and smoothly rounded shoulder rests you can be assured these hangers will do great at keeping your wardrobe in great shape Our suit hangers are available in sets of 3, 5 or 10 pieces. Total width hanger: 45 cm Breedte schouders: 45.7 cm