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Suede and nubuck guide

Shine time:

25-30 minutes




Do you like to wear suede shoes, but do you find the maintenance a hassle? That is often not necessary. With these three simple steps you can quickly and easily care for your suede and nubuck shoes. This way they look better and last longer. In this guide we talk a lot about suede shoes, but the same tips apply to nubuck shoes.

Step 1.

Cleaning suede

Encrusted dirt and stubborn stains are best removed with Collonil 1909 Dry cleaning rubber – a sandstone that effectively cleans your suede shoes without affecting the suede. The stone removes grease and other stains without having to wash or wet the shoes. Make circular movements over the suede with the block and the eraser will remove water damage, grease, and other dirt. You can easily remove crumbs from the suede block with a suede brush .

Step 3.

Nourish and protect suede

Spray your suede shoes with preferably a natural protective spray such as Collonil 1909 Supreme protect spray . Spray your shoes once a month for optimal protection and care. Avoid nano and silicone sprays that dry out the leather in the long run. Collonil 1909 Supreme protect spray impregnates the leather with caring oil so that moisture has no chance to penetrate the leather.

Hold the spray about 6 inches from the shoe and spray the shoes. This way you ensure an even distribution of the spray over the entire shoe. Don't forget the part of the shoe where the leather comes into contact with the sole. Allow the spray to absorb well into the suede shoe and finish by brushing the suede with the crepe brush. If you have not sprayed the shoes before, it is advisable to repeat this process after 30 minutes of soaking time for the best result.

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