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How to shine leather shoes?

    Shine time:

    10-15 minutes




    Would you like to take good care of your leather shoes? In this guide for novice shoe shiners, we explain in three simple steps how to clean, color, shine and protect leather shoes. The first time you will have to practice, but after that you will have polished your shoes within 15 minutes.

    Step 1.

    Cleanse and nourish

    Start by removing dirt and sand with a brush or damp cloth. Then apply Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion with a cloth and spread the conditioner evenly over the shoe. Let the Collonil leather lotion soak in for five minutes and brush out with a horsehair brush . This is just to remove the excess conditioner, so you don't have to do a lot of brushing just yet.

    Your shoes are now gently cleaned and nourished. In step 2 we will discuss how to polish, recolor and provide basic protection for your shoes.

    Step 2.

    Polish & recolor

    Apply Collonil 1909 Supreme Crème de Luxe with a cloth or brush and spread the cream evenly over the shoes. Leave the cream on for about 5 minutes. Collonil Supreme crème de Luxe nourishes, recolours, protects and gives a soft shine to the shoes. Then brush the shoes with a horse hair brush. If the color of the shoes has faded or you are trying to camouflage damage, you can repeat this process up to three times.

    Your shoes are now tinted, shiny and have basic protection. In step 3, we will discuss in more detail how to polish your shoes to a high gloss and provide extra protection against moisture and dirt.

    Step 3.

    High gloss & Waterproofing

    Apply Collonil 1909 Wax polish with a cloth. Try to apply a thin layer of shoe wax over the entire shoe as evenly as possible. Allow the wax to dry for 5 minutes before polishing the shoes. This way the solvent evaporates and you get more shine during brushing. Polish the shoes with a brush for a beautiful high-gloss finish.

    Do your shoes have leather soles? Immediately treat the sole edges with Collonil 1909 Wax polish shoe wax. Use a shoe wax in the color of the soles to camouflage damage. Then brush them up so that they shine beautifully again.

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