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Shoe accessories

In this category you will find all the accessories to take good care of your shoes. A luxurious shoehorn to put on your shoes, or a shoe bag to neatly store your shoes. Shoelaces are also an important part of the appearance of your shoes. With a new set of laces you can often immediately breathe new life into your shoes.
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    Shoe horn beechwood long


    Luxurious Beechwood shoe horn. A gorgeous shoe horn made from 100% Beechwood. Handy and true necessity, longer shoe horn so you don't have to bend...

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Are your laces damaged or dirty? Then it's time to renew your laces. It is also always handy to have a pair of laces as a backup, because you never know when they will break. We have high quality laces from Saphir made of 100% cotton available in different sizes and classic or playful colors, such as black, orange, green, blue, white and red. In addition, you can choose the smoother-looking waxed version or the more flexible unwaxed laces.

Mysole insoles

Whether you want to make your shoes a little more comfortable or have a specific need; Check out our specialized selection of insoles, we're sure you'll find the right fit for you! The most popular insoles in our range are from the Mysole brand. Mysole has a wide range of insoles suitable for work, sports and casual use. Most insoles have a cushioning effect to increase walking comfort and prevent painful and tired feet, but we also have insoles to prevent heel spurs and painful or smelly feet.

Indispensable shoe horns and shoe bags

These often overlooked shoe care essentials can extend the life of your shoes and enhance your wearing, traveling and storage pleasure. A good shoe horn is typically one of those shoe accessories that gets stashed in the back of the closet and forgotten about. Looking for a practical yet unique gift, take a look at our Abbeyhorn shoehorns ! We also have compact shoehorns , perfect for your work bag or briefcase. And if you're traveling with your shoes, why not store them neatly in a shoe bag to protect them from damage?