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Shoe care

In this category you will find everything you need to keep your shoes in perfect condition. Our Collonil products offer you the best care for your shoes. With the shoe wax and shoe creams from Collonil you can make your shoes shine like new again. Whether you want a basic cleaning or a complete renovation for your shoes, everything you need can be found in this category.
  • Distinctly Different Luxe set schoenpoetsborstels
    Distinctly Different Luxe set schoenpoetsborstels
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    Distinctly Different

    Luxury set shoe shine brushes

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    Current Price €29,95

    Luxe set schoenpoetsborstels, donker gelakt.Met deze set luxe borstels behoud je schoenen hun prachtige glans. De borstels zijn gemaakt met de best...

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    Original Price €35,00
    Current Price €29,95
    Save 14%

Our shoe care products

In our online shop we offer the most extensive and well thought-out collection of shoe care products. Our range includes products from Collonil, Collonil 1909 and Collonil Carbon (sneakers) and Sir Beecs . Taking care of your luxury shoes doesn't stop when you walk out of the store and just start wearing them. An investment in great shoes follows that you have to take good care of them with the right products. So if you own a pair made by Van Bommel, Greve, Crockett & Jones, Santoni, Magnanni, Church's, Edward Green, Alden, Carlos Santos, Floris van Bommel, Fratelli Rosetti, or another high-end brand, So take care of proper shoe care and you will enjoy them for years to come.

Shoe care advice from the expert

A number of products are indispensable to keep your shoes in good shape. To start with, you should at least have a shoeshine kit with horse hair shoeshine brushes in neutral and black and a black and neutral Collonil 1909 Supreme Crème de Luxe . This is a good start to a basic shoe care kit to give your smooth leather shoes a good service. Regardless of what color your shoes are. For suede shoes we recommend the use of Collonil 1909 Supreme protect spray with high quality oils. This spray makes the shoe water-repellent and nourishes the suede thanks to the nourishing oils it contains. With a crepe brush you can also brush up the suede so that it looks good again.

Shoe trees and shoehorns

To further expand your basic shoe care, we advise you to use cedar wood shoe trees to keep your shoes in good shape when you are not wearing them and perhaps more importantly, the cedar wood absorbs moisture and minerals that have soaked into the leather after wearing the shoes. Now you have a set that is basic but very effective. And of course, when you put on your shoe you don't want to damage the heel of the shoe. Thanks to the use of a shoe horn , the leather will not look weak and your heel will remain firm and strong.