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Shoe horns

A practical cedar wood shoehorn or a very luxurious, eye-catching shoehorn from Abbeyhorn, practical and a pleasure for the eye. Abbeyhorn's shoe horns are made from 100% ethically sourced horn and you usually have them for life. A shoe horn makes it easier to put on your shoes and prevents the heel of the shoes from being trampled. With a good shoe horn you extend the life of your shoes, so make sure you always have one on hand.

A good shoe horn - irreplaceable for your shoes

Many people overestimate the value of a good shoe horn. Nevertheless, it is indispensable if you want to take good care of your shoes. When trying on shoes in a good shoe store, you will always be handed a shoehorn. This is because without a shoehorn, the heel of the shoe can be crushed and the shape can become distorted. This results in wrinkles and creases in the long run.

Which shoe horn is right for you?

The choice of a shoehorn depends on where it will be used. In our range you will find luxury shoe horns from Abbeyhorn that are made of real horn, perfect for home use or the office. We also have compact wooden and steel shoehorns, suitable for use on the go.

Why choose a quality shoehorn?

A pair of quality shoes deserve a good shoe horn. Moreover, a good shoehorn is for life and it is a shame to invest in a cheap plastic variant. Do you wear the highest quality shoes from top brands such as Van Bommel, Crockett & Jones, Santoni, Floris van Bommel or Fratelli Rosetti? Then choose a shoehorn of the same quality.