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Luxury wooden shoe trees

Our luxury wooden shoe trees keep your shoes in perfect condition. These shoe trees each have their own design so that they match the type of shoe. Our collection of shoe trees consists of shoe trees for half-high shoes, shoe trees for shoes with a chiselled toe cap or square toe or shoe trees for shoes with a round nose. Our Sir Beecs cedar wood shoe trees have a more universal fit and therefore fit most types of shoes.
  • Sir Beecs 4 paar Cederhouten schoenspanners
    Sir Beecs 4 paar Cederhouten schoenspanners
    Save 11%
    Sir Beecs

    4 pairs of cedar shoe trees

    Original Price €111,80
    Current Price €100,00

    Vier paar cederhouten schoenspanners van Sir Beecs in luxe uitvoering. Je schoenen blijven in optimale conditie met deze cederhouten schoenspanners...

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    Original Price €111,80
    Current Price €100,00
    Save 11%

Shoe trees come in different models and shapes

With us you will find universal round toe shoe trees, such as the popular Sir Beecs cedar wood shoe trees , but also shoe trees specialized for certain models of shoes. Our premium lime wood shoe trees, for example, are an asset for shoes with a chiseled toe cap.

Shoe trees for every budget

With us you can choose between budget-friendly travel trees and luxury shoe trees. Travel trees are light and easy to carry, while luxury shoe trees fill the entire shoe. Our best-selling shoe trees are made of cedar wood, which absorbs moisture, kills bacteria and leaves a fresh scent in your shoes. Other types of wood are also available, such as lime wood and beech wood

Why shoe trees?

Not only do shoe trees keep your shoes in shape after you've worn them for a day, they also ensure that moisture is absorbed from the leather. When you take off shoes, they like to bend, and that's how they cool / dry afterwards. This causes wrinkles to form in the leather, which, combined with poor shoe care, can cause the leather to crack and tear.