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Shoe laces

We have a wide range of luxury shoelaces. These luxury shoelaces are very suitable for dress shoes, but also for more casual models such as suede chukka boots. In general, we recommend using waxed laces for your smooth leather and calf leather shoes and unwaxed shoelaces for suede and more casual shoes. The shoelaces are available in different colors and lengths: 60cm (3-4 holes) and 75cm (4-5 holes).

Replace your shoelaces

Shoelaces are an important, but often forgotten, part of any shoe. Unfortunately, they have a limited lifespan and can easily break at the nest or wear out from frequent loosening and tightening. It is therefore wise to always have a few extra shoelaces in stock. Our selection of high quality Saphir shoelaces come in a variety of sizes and colours, made from 100% cotton. For 3-4 holes we recommend 60 cm shoelaces, for 4-5 holes we recommend 75 cm laces. In addition, our laces are available in both waxed and unwaxed versions, with waxed laces smoother and tighter and unwaxed laces more flexible.

Avoid problems with your shoelaces

To avoid problems when replacing your shoelaces, it is important to be careful when attaching the laces. If it breaks, the lace will quickly fall off and you will have to replace it again. In addition, you can always find new styles and options to give your shoes a new look by fastening the laces in a new formation. So always stock up on replaceable shoelaces and keep them with your shoe care kit for quick and easy replacement when needed. Always be prepared for the unexpected!

Importance of good shoelaces

Shoelaces are an important part of your shoes and affect the fit and posture. A good quality shoelace can make the difference between comfort and foot pain. In addition, good shoelaces are also more durable and stay beautiful longer, so your shoes always look neat. So make sure you always have a few good spare laces in stock.