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Shaving brushes

Shaving brushes: An important part of the shave

A good shaving brush is an important part of a comfortable shave. It makes applying shaving cream to the face easier and more efficient. In the past, most shaving brushes were made of badger hair, but nowadays shaving brushes are also available with synthetic badger hair. This is an animal-friendly option. We have selected the best shaving brushes for you from Mühle and Edwin Jagger.

The benefits of a shaving brush

With a shaving brush, you can apply the shaving foam of a shaving cream or shaving soap more precisely to the face, allowing you to shave closer to the skin and get smoother results. Applying shaving cream with a shaving brush also exerts a gentle massage-like pressure on the skin, which promotes blood circulation and prevents skin irritations. In addition, using a shaving brush makes the shave more comfortable, allowing you to have a faster and closer shave.

Different types of shaving brushes

There are different types of shaving brushes available, including shaving brushes made from different hair types, such as badger hair, horse hair, and synthetic hair. Each type of hair has its own unique properties, such as softness and moisture absorption. Some shaving brushes are also available in different sizes depending on personal preference. It is important to choose a shaving brush that suits your skin type so that you can achieve the best results.