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Women shoe trees and boot shapers

Our women shoe trees and boot shapers allow your shoes to last longer. Boot shapers and shoe trees prevent wrinkles and cracks in leather shoes. Boot shapers also allow boots to stand up more easily.

Keep your women's boots and shoes in perfect condition with our women's tensioners or boot trees

Did you know that when your boots are stored in the same way after use, the shape and line of the shaft can be lost? This is due to the folding of the leather or suede, which also discolors and dries out faster. Prevent this with our practical and luxurious boot trees.

Types of shoe and boot trees

Our collection of women's and boot tensioners consists of two versions. Choose the handy and light spring shoe trees that are easy to take with you on a trip, or go for the cedar wood shoe trees for women that keep your shoes in perfect shape, absorb moisture and minerals and give off a fresh scent of cedar."