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Shoe stretchers

Our shoe stretchers are made of hardwood and are ideal for removing painful spots in your shoes. Using specific pressure points you can target the painful spots individually without stretching your entire shoe. A shoe stretcher is, ideally, used combined with a leather stretch spray to increase effectiveness.

Shoe Stretchers - Avoid uncomfortable shoes

Are you looking for a way to make your shoes more comfortable? Our shoe stretcher is the solution. Shoes can pinch in certain areas, making them uncomfortable to wear. With our wooden shoe stretcher and Dasco stretching spray for leather you will get the best result and your shoes will fit better.

How do you use a shoe stretcher?

Spray Dasco stretching spray on the tight spots of your shoes. Place the shoe stretcher with the correct attachments in the shoes. Tighten the shoe stretcher in the shoe by turning the round knob. Make the shoe stretcher wider by turning the hook. Regularly check the progress and tighten the shoe stretcher until the desired result is achieved. Let the shoes stretch at room temperature.

The time it takes for the shoe to stretch differs per shoe and leather type. It is important to regularly check the progress and to use it in combination with Dasco stretching spray. Avoid uncomfortable shoes and order our shoe stretcher now!