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Sneaker care

Easily fix up your sneakers yourself with our range of professional sneaker products! From cleaning sneakers to caring for and protecting them, we've got everything you need to take good care of your sneakers. Our range of sneaker care consists of different brands such as: Collonil and Jason Markk. If you're not sure what you need to take good care of your sneakers, ask our experts for more details!

Collonil Carbon sneaker care

Collonil Carbon sneaker care is a product developed to protect and refresh sneakers. It contains activated carbon particles that absorb harmful substances and odors from the sneakers. In addition, it makes the materials of the sneakers water-repellent again and protects them against fading from UV light.

Collonil Carbon protecting spray is suitable for all types of sneakers, regardless of the material. Whether it concerns leather, suede, mesh or canvas, this product provides the necessary protection. It is a must-have for any sneaker enthusiast who wants to maintain the look and quality of their shoes.

Clean sneakers thanks to Collonil

Keep your sneakers up-to-date or clean them after a rainy day at the park by using sneaker cleaners. We have traditional sneaker cleaners that you have to mix with water, such as Collonil Carbon cleaning solution or Jason Markk's premium shoe cleaner , but Collonil also offers a fantastic sneaker care line with the Cleaning Foam , which is ready to use and just as effective. Clean the sneakers thoroughly and protect the materials with these products and make them like new again.

Protect and maintain sneakers with Collonil

In addition to cleaning your sneakers, it is also important to care for and protect them. Both brands offer different lotions and sprays. Take care of leather sneakers with Collonil carbon sneaker care lotion. For suede sneakers, use an oil-based spray such as Collonil 1909 Supreme protect spray. For synthetic sneakers, we recommend water-based sprays, because oil does not absorb into this material. Consider, for example, the environmentally friendly aerosol-free protect spray from Collonil or the Repel spray from Jason Markk . From now on, think of our extensive collection of Collonil sneaker care with every dirty pair of sneakers and enjoy your sneakers even more!