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Shoe wax, cream and more

Collonil shoe polish will do a great job at keeping your leather shoes in shape. At Distinctly Different the complete assortment of products by Collonil in stock. Want the best for your shoes? Get yourself a luxury shoe shine set from our website.

Shoe care from Collonil 1909

To be able to wear your shoes for many years, it is important to take good care of them from the start. That is why we recommend choosing Collonil shoe care products. These contain natural ingredients such as animal oils and fats, which care for and nourish the leather, so that it remains supple and retains its shine. Beeswax is a natural care for leather and is often one of the main ingredients of Collonil shoe creams. In addition, products such as Collonil 1909 Supreme cream deluxe and Collonil 1909 Wax polish protect the leather against (rain) water and dirt.

Shoe care with Collonil

To extend the life of the sole, it is recommended to maintain it monthly with Collonil Leather Lotion . This protects the sole against water and extends the durability of the shoe.

To increase the overall care and durability of your shoes, it is wise to choose Collonil products.

Cedar wood shoe trees

After wearing, the best way to keep your shoes in shape is to use cedar wood shoe trees. This extracts moisture and minerals from the interior and keeps the leather in good shape without creases or cracks. We recommend using quality shoe trees such as Sir Beecs Cedar Wood Shoe Trees .