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Smooth and well-groomed skin after shaving: Aftershave products

After a shave it is very important to take care of your skin. Shaving beard or mustache hair often causes skin irritation and small wounds. Fortunately, there are many aftershave products available that help to restore and care for your skin. In addition, they give your face a fresh and well-groomed appearance.

Cooling aftershaves

After shaving it is important to soothe and cool the skin. A good aftershave can offer a solution. Aftershave lotion from Mühle , and aftershave cream from Taylor or Old Bond Street provide cooling and hydration to the skin. It soothes the skin and prevents dehydration.

Alum against wounds and irritation

Have you accidentally cut yourself while shaving? No problem! With an Alum block from Taylor or Old Bond street you quickly stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound. This way the wound heals faster and you are assured that the wound will not continue to nag for too long.