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clothing brushes and care

Layers of dust quickly make clothes look dull. With our luxury clothing brushes and care you ensure that your clothing retains its original charm. Extend the life of your favorite garments by washing them with the right products from The Laundress. With The Laundress sport spray you can make sportswear nice and fresh again and Crease Release makes ironing so much easier.

Specialist clothing care for at home

We all wash our clothes, but some garments require more attention than others. That is why we have specialist clothing care from The Laundress in our range. Take the wool & cashmere shampoo, for example. Normally you wash wool & cashmere as little as possible to keep the fabric beautiful, but with The Laundress wool & cashmere shampoo you can still wash your cashmere garments once every so often.

Clothing brushes

What about the clothes you don't wash yourself? What about your suits, for example, you ask? It is best to keep them free of dust with a good clothes brush between visits to the dry cleaner. This removes dust and other fluff, so that your suit looks fresh for longer. Is there an annoying crease in your suit or shirt? Then try The Laundress crease release . With this you reduce the wrinkles in your clothes in an instant.

The Laundress: Excellent Clothing Care for a Sleek Appearance

The Laundress is an innovative clothing care brand that focuses on improving the lifespan and appearance of your wardrobe. The company offers a wide range of products, from detergents and styling gels to care products for specific materials.

With The Laundress products you can care for your clothes in an easy and efficient way without having to worry about the negative consequences of using conventional detergents. The Laundress products are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful chemicals.