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Brushes and cloths

Here you will find our range of shoe shine brushes. We have smear brushes in different sizes and combinations. In addition, there are also crepe brushes for suede shoes. Polishing smooth leather is best done with brushes made of natural hair. That's why all our brushes are made of horse and goat hair. A cloth or brush is available for every type of leather.
  • Abbeyhorn Ossenhoorn suède borstel
    Abbeyhorn Ossenhoorn suède borstel
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    Oxhorn suede brush


    High quality suede brush by Abbeyhorn.This beautiful brush is made from high quality oxhorn and fitted with boar bristles and brass bristles which ...

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Shoe care with good brushes and cloths

Collonil shoe care products and the brushes and cloths you use to apply these products must be of the highest quality for a perfect result. When you start applying Collonil shoe care products, we recommend using a 100% cotton cloth for more control over the amount of cream/wax and a balanced distribution. Some prefer a lather brush, but a cotton cloth offers more flexibility and precision. Make sure your cloth is pure cotton for a gentle application. There is a suitable brush for every type of leather, including a horsehair brush for smooth leather. This brush with soft horse hair is ideal for polishing and shining leather with short, quick strokes.

Shoe Shine Brushes: Boar Bristle, Goat Bristle, Synthetic & Crêpe brushes

For extensive shoe care, we also offer other types of brushes in addition to horse hair. The boar bristle brush is perfect for cleaning textured leather such as pebble grain or brogue shoes. The boar bristles reach deeper into the leather and easily remove dirt and old polish. On the other hand, the goat hair brush is very soft and suitable for bringing the shine to delicate or exotic leathers. We recommend our synthetic brush for cleaning water-resistant shoes. The crepe brush is recommended for brushing on suede shoes and the brass brush is suitable for dirty spots on suede shoes. Always use a 100% cotton polishing cloth and the right brush for perfect polishing of your shoes!