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Guide - The importance of a good pair of shoe trees

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Some people think that shoe trees are an unnecessary purchase, while this is the basis of good shoe care. The emphasis is on the cedar wood that we use for our shoe trees. The cedar wood not only looks beautiful, but also has a function. Unprocessed, the cedar wood protects the leather and the inside of the shoe by absorbing moisture, minerals and acids. And that's exactly what your dress shoes need after wearing them all day.

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Learn more about the use and fit of our shoe trees.

Different models of shoe trees

What is the difference between a full-fledged pair of cedar wood shoe trees and a pair of travel trees?

The difference between a pair of luxurious full foot shoe trees and the simpler travel trees is mainly in the weight and functionality. For example, a pair of travel tensioners is about 200 grams, compared to the normal tensioners that weigh around 1 kg per pair. A pair of luxury full foot shoe trees will also fill out your shoes better and will distribute the pressure on the shoes better.

Shoe tree advice and tips

Place your shoe trees directly in your shoes after taking them off. This is the time when your shoes are still soft and warm and the shoe tree can best bring them back into shape.

Change shoes every day. This way the leather has a day to reform itself. Make sure your shoes are neatly stored in the shoe trees every time you are not wearing them, this will prolong their lifespan.

Sand your cedar shoe trees annually (use 300-grit or higher sandpaper). As a result, the shoe tree retains its natural moisture absorption. This also helps cedar oil to fight bacteria.

Cedar wood shoe trees

You may be wondering: Why are so many shoe trees made from cedar wood? Yes, that's for a reason. Our Sir Beecs shoe trees are made from 100% untreated young American cedar wood. This wood is packed with cedar oil that not only smells incredibly fresh, but also neutralizes bacteria. In addition, cedar wood is extremely porous and therefore absorbs moisture well.

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