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Shoe trees

Here you will find our wide range of shoe trees consisting of luxurious cedar shoe trees, simple trees, boot shapers and shoe stretchers.
  • Sir Beecs 4 paar Cederhouten schoenspanners
    Sir Beecs 4 paar Cederhouten schoenspanners
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    Sir Beecs

    4 pairs of cedar shoe trees

    Original Price €111,80
    Current Price €100,00

    Vier paar cederhouten schoenspanners van Sir Beecs in luxe uitvoering. Je schoenen blijven in optimale conditie met deze cederhouten schoenspanners...

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    Original Price €111,80
    Current Price €100,00
    Save 11%

Cedar wood shoe trees

Investing in a pair of quality shoes is one thing, maintaining them properly is another. Shoe trees made of cedar wood are the basis for good shoe care. Some people consider tensioners unnecessary, but the cedar wood is important. The scented wood protects the leather, lining, stitching and sole by absorbing moisture, minerals and acids. This keeps the leather in shape, prevents tearing and smells fresh. A pair of cedar spanners is not only cheaper than new shoes, but also ensures a longer life. So, even though you have spent money on shoes, invest in cedar wood tensioners for optimal care and fresh scent.

When do you use cedar wood shoe trees?

Is it necessary to have shoe trees for every pair of dress shoes? Well actually yes. But if you have few shoes that you wear regularly, you can alternate them with 2 to 3 pairs of tensioners. It's important to remember that shoes need to dry for 24 hours before you can wear them again, so make sure they have time to rest. Put them in the tensioners immediately after you take them out for optimal drying time. Sir Beecs has cedar wood shoe trees suitable for most models of shoes. They neutralize odors and keep your shoes in shape.

Cedar Wood Shoe Trees: Tips & Tricks

Place the shoe tree in your shoe immediately after taking it off. The leather is still flexible which makes it easier for the tensioner to keep your shoes in the right shape and prevent wrinkles and tears. Do not wear shoes 2 days in a row, but also give them a day of rest. Make sure your shoes are neatly stored in the shoe trees every time you are not wearing them, this will prolong their lifespan. Sand your shoe trees annually (use 200-grit sandpaper or higher). This allows the cedar wood shoe tree to retain its effectiveness. If your shoes have become very wet, lay them on their side and let them dry in this position. You can also fill them with newspapers. Don't put the shoe trees in until your shoes are dry. Lightly lubricate your shoe trees with cedar oil once every 2 years to freshen up the wood.