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You will find the most beautiful coffee table books in this category. The books are published by Gestalten, a renowned publisher that only publishes tasteful books on various subjects.

Books of Gestalts

Books from German publisher Gestalten are the perfect source for eye-catching design and stylish inspiration. From architecture to fashion, from interior design to photography, Gestalten offers a wide range of books that offer creative and innovative ideas. With beautiful images and clear explanations, these books are a must-have for any designer, artist or design enthusiast. Buy a Gestalten book today and enrich your knowledge and creative horizon.

The Shopkeepers

The book " The Shopkeepers " from the Gestalten publishing house is a visually stunning journey through the world of independent shops. It shows how retailers have built creative and inspiring stores that distinguish themselves from the big chains. Through photos, interviews and stories we discover the backgrounds and passions of these entrepreneurs. "The Shopkeepers" is a celebration for those looking for innovative retail concepts and a tribute to independent businesses that make a difference on the high street.

The Craft & The Makers

" The Craft And The Makers " is an inspirational book by Gestalten Publishers that captures the revival of handmade products and crafts in modern society. The book presents an extensive collection of makers, designers and craftsmen who create handmade products with love and passion. From ceramics and furniture to jewelry and fashion accessories, this book offers a unique look at the world of handmade products and the makers behind them. Read "The Craft And The Makers" and discover how traditional techniques and materials are brought back to life in a modern context.