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In this category you will find our range of luxury insoles from Mysole. These insoles are available in different versions. We have insoles suitable for different purposes such as running, work or general daily use. Most insoles have a cushioning effect to increase walking comfort and prevent aching and tired feet. Some other insoles are intended to remedy specific ailments such as heel spurs and unpleasant odors by means of odor absorbers.

Find the perfect insole

Do you need a specific insole? MYSOLE offers an extensive range of comfortable insoles. Whether you stand or walk a lot at work or are a sports enthusiast, MYSOLE has the solution for your needs. The MYSOLE Multisorb soles provide relief for heel spurs and aching feet, while the MYSOLE sport running soles are perfect for sports. Choose the insole that suits your needs at MYSOLE.

The benefits of a good insole

Good insoles can make a huge difference to your feet and overall comfort. They support your feet while walking or standing, prevent injuries and pain and help distribute pressure on certain areas of the foot. Particularly useful for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or play sports. Wearing good insoles reduces the wear and tear on your shoes, which is also good for your wallet. In short, investing in good insoles is not only good for the comfort and health of your feet, but also for the durability of your shoes and ultimately for your wallet.