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Sneaker cleaning

Cleaning time:

20-25 minutes




For the sneakerheads among us, we would like to explain in this guide how you can clean, care for and protect your sneakers in a few short steps. If you have bought a pair of beautiful sneakers, you naturally want them to stay looking fresh for a long time. Even after a party or two. Read here how you can step-by-step to ensure that your sneakers stay in top condition. Do you have suede sneakers? Check out our suede care guide for more information.

Step 1.

Cleaning and caring for sneakers

Brush your shoes to remove loose dirt and dust. Then spray your shoes with a sneaker cleaner. We prefer Collonil carbon cleaning foam or Collonil Carbon cleaning solution . Use a damp brush to lather your shoes completely.

Then rinse your sneakers carefully with a little water and pat them dry with a microfiber cloth . Let your sneakers dry at room temperature. Do not put them on the heating to speed up the drying process. This can cause the material of your sneakers to dry out and potentially tear.

Do you have leather sneakers? Take care of them with Collonil Carbon sneaker care . This keeps the leather soft and flexible and prevents cracks.

Step 2.

Clean sole edges

After you've given your sneakers an overall cleaning, it's time to focus on the sole edges. Often your sole edges need some extra attention to get completely clean. We prefer to use Collonil Carbon midsole cleaner for that. You can easily apply this cleaner with a cloth or brush. Then clean the sole edges with circular movements. Then let it work for 5 minutes and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth .

Step 3.

Waterproof & protect sneakers

After cleaning your sneakers well, it's time to protect and waterproof them. This way they are protected against dirt and moisture the next time you wear them. That often saves a lot of cleaning work. Spray your sneakers monthly with a quality spray. We recommend Collonil Carbon protecting spray (aerosol free) or Collonil Carbon pro spray for all types of sneakers. You effectively protect the soles of your sneaker against dirt and yellowing (due to UV radiation) with Collonil Carbon midsole sealer .

Do you have suede sneakers? Then we recommend an oil-based spray as described in our suede guide .

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