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Shoe shine box Collonil - Walnut


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Luxury shoe shine box with Collonil shoe polish set.

This shoe shine box is ideal for the novice shoe shiner and is the perfect introduction to luxury shoe care. The box contains luxurious horse hair brushes and soft cotton cloths. This luxury shoe shine box contains one shoe cream and one shoe wax in neutral or black. We recommend that you first treat the shoes with shoe cream for a nice basic shine, care and possibly color if you choose a black cream. After applying the cream and giving them a good shine, apply the shoe wax. This provides a high gloss finish and extra protection against moisture. As you apply and shine several layers of wax, you get more and more shine.

This shoe shine box contains everything you need to take good care of your shoes. Our advice is to start with a neutral shoe cream and shoe wax as you can use it on all colors of shoes. Do you especially want to treat black shoes? Then order a black shoe wax and shoe cream.