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Shaving set Rytmo - Black

by Mühle

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This 4 piece shaving Rytmo set by Mühle comes with a Safety razor, fibre hair brush and practical shaving bowl. All nicely put away in a chrome stand. Safety razor The Mühle safety razor is chrome plated and has a black resin handle. This razor can be fit with any DE razor blades you prefer. (Blades need to be ordered seperately). Shaving brush This shaving brush has a black resin handle and is fitted with a synthetic black fibre hair which is very soft and indistinguishable from real badger hair. When used with a quality shaving cream or soap will create a rich shaving lather, that will soften and lift the beard, in preparation for shaving. Users of fibre hair brushes claim that a fibre brush in most cases outperform their traditional badger hair in terms of lathering and drying and lasts longer.