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After shave lotion, Aloe Vera

by Mühle

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An refreshing and fragrant after-shave lotion made by Mühle. With a composition of oakmoss and minty fragrance this after-shave lotion will quickly become your favourite after-shave lotion. The natural selected ingrediënts will soothe and refresh the skin. The Aloë Vera will hydrate and rejuvinate your skin.

Parabens free.

Tips voor gebruik A moisturising aftershave lotion is a good conclusion to every shave. It doesn't matter how good a shave is, the skin is always left slightly dehydrated and irritated. A good paraben-free aftershave lotion protects and revitalises the skin, reducing irritation and rash. Before applying the aftershave lotion, the remnants of shaving foam must be completely removed from the face. For a luxurious barber-feeling treatment, a warm towel can be placed on the face to open pores. This relaxes the skin before the aftershave lotion is applied. We have excellent shaving towels in our range. Rub the aftershave lotion between your hands to warm it up and distribute it gradually. Usually, the size of an almond of aftershave lotion is enough for the entire face. However, this depends on the skin type. Once the lotion has been distributed, it can be applied to the face. Rub the aftershave lotion onto the face in circular motions. With the correct distribution of the lotion, it will gradually absorb into the skin.