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Shoe shine brushes

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Introducing shoe shine brushes

You may have already looked at our range of shoe shine brushes and cloths and wondered which brush do I need exactly? We are happy to give you more information about the different types of brushes and their application.

The all-rounder

Horsehair shoe shine brushes

Every shoe shine kit needs a horse hair brush. You will use this shoe shine brush the most. If you want to buy one brush, this is the one to get. Horsehair brushes are suitable for light cleaning and polishing of the shoes. The softer hairs provide enough friction so that a shine is created without removing too much of the cream / wax from the shoe, which sometimes happens with the harder, boar bristle brush. In our range we have both application brushes and polishing brushes made with horse hair.

Velvet soft

Goat hair brushes

The goat hair brush is mainly used for finishing and is ideal for dusting your shoes at the beginning or end of the day. This brush is also very suitable for treating the more delicate exotic leathers. The brush is firm enough to remove sand and dust, but soft enough to leave the texture of the gloss alone. Goat and yak hair is also widely used for clothes brushes. This prevents the fabric from pilling and fluffing.

The cleaning brush for shoes

Synthetic brushes

The synthetic cleaning brush is suitable for the coarser cleaning of sneakers, suede and nubuck shoes because of the sturdy synthetic hairs. A synthetic brush is mainly used to remove stubborn stains and shoe polish from the shoe. An additional advantage of a synthetic brush is that it dries faster, so you have less to worry about cleaning the brush after use.

Brushes for Suede & Nubuck

Crepe and brass brushes

For suede and nubuck, the crepe brush is the ideal brush to brush it up neatly. The brushes are made of soft crepe (a natural type of rubber) with which you restore and level the original rough look of suede and nubuck. You can also use a brass brush to treat your suede and nubuck shoes. For quality suede you can use a brass brush. Unfortunately, with cheaper types of suede it can sometimes happen that a brass brush causes the suede to fluff. With nubuck, a brass brush leaves scratches in the leather when used intensively. Because of this, we often prefer the softer crepe brush or simply a (clean) horse or boar bristle brush.

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