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Conscious entrepreneurship

Sustainability & Distinctly Different

At Distinctly Different we strive to do business as sustainably as possible. We pay attention to the way our products are made, how our packages are packed and how the brands we work with do business sustainably. For example, our shoe shine brushes and our own shoe shine boxes are made of wood with the FSC quality mark and certified horse hair.

The brands we work with usually share the same level of responsibility for sustainability. Fortunately, many traditionally made products as offered on our website have been produced with natural materials and techniques for decades. Think of the natural shoe polish products from Collonil or the classic shaving products from Edwin Jagger and Taylor or Old Bond Street. Our packing team ensures that every order is carefully packed every day. We try to use as little plastic as possible. Instead, we mainly use recyclable packaging material.

Buy quality over quantity

Take good care of your shoes

We try to share our passion for shoes and shoe care with our customers as much as possible. That's why we believe in the motto quality over quantity and therefore always motivate to buy the best possible pair of shoes if your budget allows. Classic shoe brands such as Crockett & Jones, Santoni, Alden and Loake have been making shoes in the traditional way for decades. And those techniques, knowledge and the quality leather that is used ensure that their shoes will last for years or even a lifetime with proper maintenance.